• (6/22/2022) Beth Pigg will have a watchman device procedure this Thursday. It is a routine procedure to prevent a stroke, but there are always risks working in and around the heart. Please pray for her safety and success of the operation.

  • (6/14/2022) Please keep us in your prayers. Roman has been running fever for 5 days (among other things) and was admitted to Batson this afternoon. -Frankie, Casey and Roman Thompson

  • (6/6/2022) Request from Atonia & Zachary Young: Please keep my oldest brother Michael Smith in your prayers. He had all of his toes removed and is having another surgery today to remove infection. Continue to pray for a speedy recovery and he gets well soon. He lives in St. Paul Minnesota

  • (5/31/2022) David Crain's father passed away early this morning. Thank you for the continued prayers.

  • (5/31/2022) Corey and Elissah Staten are dealing with Covid and Covid like symptoms.  Please have them in your prayers. 

  • (5/30/2022) David Crain's father is home on Hospice. Asking for prayers during this time. His health is declining rapidly.

  • (5/18/2022) David Pryor's brother, Robert, no longer has to take dialysis. Praise God! He's not out of the woods yet, but is much better. Please pray now that he can gain his strength back.

  • (5/15/2022) Please keep Mayme Couch's daughter, Tamine in your prayers. She’s at Baptist Hospital critically ill with kidney failure. 

  • (5/15/2022) Cole Childs will be having surgery on June 3rd. Doctor is 80% certain that the growth in his leg is not something to worry about, but please keep Cole and the Childs family in your prayers.

  • (5/10/2022) Prayer Request from Anne Lum: My friend Carla Rhodes daughter Savannah Goss is in ICU in Amory. She is Type 1 diabetic and pregnant with first child. She suffering with DKA. Please pray for her and baby.

  • (5/10/2022) Mike and Millie Hardy's youngest son Shannon passed away this week, please keep Mike and Millie and the family in your prayers. No arrangements have been made as yet, there will likely be a memorial service at a later date at the church building.


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