The Lake Harbour Home Group ministry exists to strengthen relationships within our congregations and to expand our reach into the lives of our friends and neighbors. This ministry is a perfect way to practice biblical togetherness and accountability as a group, as you engage with scripture in an intimate Bible study setting.

Home Group Study Guide - 11/28/2021

What is everyone's thought on Christmas music? Something you look forward to? Annoyed by the radio take over?

Read Colossians 3:16-17

  • What does Paul mean by the word "dwell" in v16?
  • What is the message of Christ? What does it meant to let the "message of Christ dwell among you richly?"
  • What does it say about our participation in worship for us to teach and admonish through song?
  • What should be the result of our "whatever we do?"

Where do your thoughts turn when your mind is idle? What would help you dwell more on the message of Christ? What keeps you from dwelling on the message of Christ?

How do you aproach (or prepare) for praising God through song? 

What word or deed could you say or do this week in the name of Jesus?

Home Groups meet all across the Jackson metro area. If you'd like to join a home group, please contact Adam Smith.