the Bible is the Word of God

We believe that the Old & New Testament Scriptures are inspired of God. We profess no written creed other than the Holy Bible and strive to understand, teach and live out the commands of Scripture.


We believe that salvation is God's gift (or grace) to mankind that is received by faith in Jesus Christ, God's son. We believe faith is a demonstrated belief which is entirely defined by God - not man. According to the Scriptures, a saved person has believed upon & confessed Jesus as Lord, repented of (turned from) their sins and has been born again by water and spirit (been baptized).

Would you like to speak to someone about being saved?

The Church

According to Scripture, the church is the body and bride of Christ. We understand this to mean that the church belongs to Christ. At Lake Harbour, we seek to bring honor to the head of the body and bridegroom, Jesus, by building one another up and carrying out His mission.