Connected to God. 

Connecting with each other.

  • the Bible

    We believe the Bible is God's written word and that it is authoritative over church doctrine. We believe that the Bible is living and active and therefore relevant to all of life's challenges. We believe no creeds are necessary - no matter how well intended - because we have everything we need for life and godliness in the Scriptures.

  • God

    We believe that there is one true God who has revealed Himself to us as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God accomplishes His perfect will in these distinctive roles while remaining in perfect harmony and unity with Himself.

  • Mankind & Sin

    We believe every human is born in the image of God and is blameless at birth. We believe every human that has ever lived (except for Jesus) has become a sinner and broken their relationship with God. All of mankind is in need of a Savior.

  • Jesus & Salvation

    We believe Jesus is the perfect Son of God and that He died on a cross, was buried in a tomb and three days later raised from the dead. It is impossible to cover up sin by any work of man. We are saved by God's Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ. We place our faith in Jesus by believing and obeying His words - including repentance and baptism.

  • The Church

    We believe the Church is not a building or a "brand" of Christianity, but all those who God adds to His Kingdom. Being a part of the church means that we are in God's family. The church helps us cary the burdens of this life by exercising our spiritual gifts and coming together for worship.

  • The Holy SPirit

    We believe the Holy Spirit indwells us when we are baptized into Christ. This indwelling gift provides comfort and guidance to us as we seek to bear His good fruit in our lives. We also believe the Holy Spirit distributes spiritual gifts to the church as He pleases and works within the church to bring unity and understanding.

  • Eternity

    We believe Heaven and Hell are real places where humans will spend eternity. Those who choose to follow Jesus will be welcomed to eternal life with God in Heaven. Those who reject Jesus will spend their eternity in Hell.